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Joe Lstiburek does it again, in an article published simultaneously in ASHRAE Journal and online at that’s bound to ruffle some feathers of green building aficionados. In Prioritizing Green—It’s the Energy, Stupid Lstiburek blasts the designers and developers of green buildings who insist on using lots of glass (I’m looking at you, Tridel and [...]

A fantastic learning tool I just came across is the Best of Building Science video training series. Featured there are lessons learned from the US-Department of Energy Building America program, delivered by some of the most well-known and respected building science professionals. The site incorporates content from the Affordable Comfort conferences, “Home Energy” Magazine articles, [...]

In two videos on YouTube, Tamar guides viewers through 1: the making of natural plaster and 2: application of a natural plaster to a light straw-clay wall. Her mix, in order, is: 3 parts sand 1 part manure 2 parts slaked clay (thick wet clay slurry) 0.5 part wheat paste (flour and water heated slowly [...]

Many rural homes in Ontario use an oil furnace for heating. This makes sense, because oil is an extremely compact, easily transportable form of fuel that for decades was the most economical choice. As we know, oil is no longer as economical as it once was, and environmental damage from extraction, refining, transportation, storage and [...]

No matter what you may think about the nature of nuclear power itself, anyone who considers themselves fiscally conservative should realize that nuclear power isn’t “cheap” by any stretch of the imagination. The Ontario Clean Air Alliance has this to say: The Ontario Government is apparently having a hard time getting nuclear companies to agree [...]