It’s been about 45 days since the website and mailing list were established. I started this up because I sensed a pent-up demand and serious interest, yet nothing was available.

Sixty people signing up for the discussion mailing list in 45 days certainly validates my hunch.

Until recently, the number one position Google search for “passive house canada” was a blog post of mine from a year ago titled “Canada lacking in Passive House movement“. Even that generated several email inquires, including some from the press. I’m happy to report that article has fallen to the fourth spot on the Google search results page.

My goal here is organization-building in whatever form it takes to bring Passive House to Canada, to do it well, and with expedience. I don’t see myself as profiting from this, as my particular business interest lies in energy reductions of existing larger buildings, facilities and plants. I just want to see Passive House happen here.

The work on organization-building continues. Please join us on the mailing list if you’re interested in seeing PassivHaus come to Canada.