We are not currently seeking employees at this time. However, we invite you to send your resume to us to keep on file for future openings.

Future openings will be for technical positions. Of most value are people with HVAC mechanical engineering experience, or building electrical engineering experience. Engineers or technicians who are an AEE Certified Energy Auditor or Certified Energy Manager would stand out above others.

In addition to technical background and certifications, the following traits are also desired:

  • Self-motivated to play an active role in expanding a small business
  • Client relations skills (professionalism, courtesy, dependability, timeliness, excellent writing and oral skills)
  • Construction or renovation experience is an asset
  • Strong desire to help others conserve energy
  • Strong interest in green, environmentally-friendly and sustainable building practices

We are also always open to suggestions for other areas in which to expand within the green building sector, especially if you have an established client base that you can bring with you.

How to Apply

Please send applications to

We receive many unsolicited career applications and as a small business we cannot personally respond to every query. Thank you for your understanding.