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via Sierra Club Insider e-mail newsletter Keep a Home Fire Burning? Cold winter nights are a tempting reason to light a fire for heat and comfort. But whether you throw a log in the fireplace or use a modern US EPA-approved stove, it pays to know the pros and cons of wood-burning. Sierra magazine’s Mr. Green has [...]

Have you ever gone to all the work of creating a building energy model in RETScreen, only to be left wondering how to convert those annual gigajoules into a specific equipment capacity? This situation can occur when the capital cost of installing a greener heating system, such as a “geothermal” ground source heat pump, depends [...]

Architects designing custom homes often seem to go overboard on the complexity of the shape, seemingly unaware of the impacts on construction cost and operational cost. Let’s look at the walls of two custom homes of equal floor area but different shape. Both homes are 5400 square feet on one level, nice sprawling ranch homes [...]

High Park Lofts, Toronto’s first condominium project to use a geoexchange system for heating and cooling is featured in the article “One hot address” in the October 31 2008 edition of the Toronto Sun. Since the building is pushed flush to all setbacks on the lot lines, the only place for the loop field was [...]