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WebEcoist has an article on 15 amazing earthen buildings from around the world. From the old to the modern, from small and inconspicuous to large and impressive, these buildings made of earth are worth a look. Although this list omits the mud skyscrapers of Yemen, it includes the equally stunning Hakka houses of China, and [...]

The 4th International EcoMaterials conference is in Cuba, November 24-27 2009. The organizers of the conference, EcoSouth, provide information and small equipment for making building materials such as microconcrete roofing, puzzolanic cement, earth brick construction, and more.

In two videos on YouTube, Tamar guides viewers through 1: the making of natural plaster and 2: application of a natural plaster to a light straw-clay wall. Her mix, in order, is: 3 parts sand 1 part manure 2 parts slaked clay (thick wet clay slurry) 0.5 part wheat paste (flour and water heated slowly [...]