Green and Sustainable Building

  • Energy audit reports for residences, buildings and facilities
  • Consulting and design for participants in LEED® rating system
  • Off-grid system and self-sufficient building design
  • Assist clients with balancing all the trade-offs between different eco-friendly design options
  • Work with contractors, architects, structural engineers, municipal building departments as a representative of a building owner/purchaser for alternative/green initiatives
  • Integrated design process
  • Sustainable ecological principles of design (permaculture) applied to building systems and human interaction with built environment

Building Envelope Design and Modeling

  • Team-based approach with architecture firms, structural engineering firms, and builders
  • Building envelope design for conventional and natural building systems, with a specialty in straw bale and light straw-clay
  • Energy performance computer modeling for conventional and alternative building envelope systems
  • Active solar and passive solar design and modeling
  • Building envelope upgrade consulting for renovations
  • Thermal analysis of wall and foundation section details using HEAT2 software

Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning Design

  • Heat gain/Heat loss calculations for traditional and alternative building envelopes
    Efficient duct design
  • High-velocity air system design
  • Hydronic/radiant system & boiler piping design
  • HVAC system commissioning and inspecting
  • Ventilation reports / Part 6 ducted HRV design
  • Geoexchange (“Geothermal”) system and loop design
  • Solar hot air, solar hot water design and modeling
  • Solar thermal seasonal storage
  • Wood, pellet, and other solid-fuel heating systems design
  • Integration of multiple technologies
  • “Right-sized” systems, not oversized